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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 6, 2018 2:10am-2:40am EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> a woman with a child has no idea what's ahead. >> he's walking, no signal. >> the dangerous moment it all goes down. >> whoa! my! >> dare devil fli through the night. >> it is absol >> what it takes to speed ride. he just found out a big baby secret. >> i'm shaking righthe surprise will let the whole family in on it. >> oh!
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and sharp eyed visitors set out to prove -- >> california's weird. >> no, it's awesome. >> the sights of beverly hills 90210 no you didn't. >> how long is did they allow t to go on? >> christian, you and i have been doing this seven seasons. oli, you've lived over in asia. when you look at this video, beforeit, where do you think danger is coming from? >> everytwwhere. >> pretty m could be the motori bike, it could be t car, it could be this van, it could be somebody inside this building, but no. it's none of those. keep watching. -- >> the child in her back in the baby carrier. >> you are right. that woman is walking with her grandson on her back, like a
2:12 am
backpack. she'ssignal boom! >> why would you expect that? i wasconditio i like somebody pushed something out of a it's a trolley from the factory. she's walking nexto a factory, a t down and hits her. nobody is beingte o charged, but thetory i payi for expenses. her medical expenses just basically a laceration and some stitches. other than that, there were no other injuries, meaning the baby was unharmed. >> oh my goodness. >> if. you had given us a t guesses, we still never would >> police were called in to this incident bse there was a wild boar running around a city in southern china. it ran into the store and when it ran out, somebody got footage from here. check this out. this woman is walking down the street and stops like, am i seeing what i think i'm seeing? watch what happens? the boar runs up to her, she kind of backs up. >> that is dangerous.
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>> looked like she was bumped by it and kind of fell back, kind of skipping backwards on her boots, but thatolice were calle take care of the situation. if you're going to speed at night, go big or go home. that's exactly what this red bull athlete valentin did in the mountain of shamonics. >> we've seen it in many different ways but this is the first like this. >> this is stunning, because he has outifi outfitted his canopy lights, he lights the way speedi down the side of the mountain and tit was only enhanced by the light under his canopy. >> look at the powder that falls, he created a snowfall.
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>> red bullers do incredible things but this is amazing. >> it took a lot of planning. he did this before he actually did it in the l.e.d. canopy because he wanted to make sure he was prepared, that the equipment could actually handle the ride and the line they were going to attempt. so eventually once they decided that they were ready, they grabbed the l.e.d. canopy and hit the slopes. they like to say there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet. i want to tell you the story of elliott and alexandra. introduce yourself? >> hello my name is alexander and kind enough to give me a ride on the way to a town. >> driving across the uk, past stonehenge and saw this fella in
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camo, needed a lift and that's how he met alexander from poland. >> are you really polish? [ speaking in foreign language ] vodka? >> he doesn't have much. as the day continues it gets a little emptier? >> what have you got left? >> a little bit. >> which in itself has consequences. >> how are you feeling al sander? >> pretty all right, pretty all right. >> he's already feeling pretty good. well you hit it up. alexander is making friends and center. start with random people. apparently alexander gives epic high fives as you can see here. >> high five, come on. >> ow. what a fun, little adventure. >> i like that he ran across somebody who had the time to spend with him. >> both o their journeys got turned upside down or right side up. exactly. that's the great part about it
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why the story is cool. it's told through snapchat, one day with the two random guys meeting. we're almt done. on the way back alexander has a quick nap, no surise, a quick shower at elliott's place and s good-byes. >> alexander, good-bye, my friend. >> i love this video. the more we see stuff like that, people learning about each other and going out and making some friends, it makes life interesting. >> left him on the side of the road? >> that's where he found him! fixing jacqueline rodriguez. >> i'm a normal human being with issues like everyone else. >> speaking through a our on her ipad. she wasiagned with malformations detected from back when neeshe was in utero.
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her parents wanted to give jacqueline a chance at life. doctors originally told them she would probably not live past 1-yend here we are, 16 years later. >> wow. >> she's more full of life than ever before. >> it's abnormal cells in her lymph nodes activity, and these cells just want to e her cheeks, and her tongue, and the s damaged her vocal chords so she can't speak but she this technology to be able to communicate with others. >> there are three brave people in this family, this teenage girl and her parents, because i'm sure they've heard from other people, oh, wow. >> they're not the only ones that are in awe of little jacqueline. her two siblings also can't believe the strides in her life. >> not manyeople say that their life expectancy was less than a year at birth, but is now like thriving at, howld
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>> stories like this are important to show doctors d'ta lot of it is theowhile some peoe of suffering, she obviously sees a life of hope. it's literally written on her sweater. >> i want to be a nurse, because i grew up in a hospital, hel my nurses take care of others. >> i didn't think be here at this point, and i'm so gratef luna is out for a snow walk. >> i've nev that. literal snow boots. >> but she really doesn't. find out what's going on. he's about to make acious t. >> why is my mouth watering already? >> after you see this, yours will, too. ds and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technologh
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exfoliates then our triple blend of moisturizers helps prevent dry skin. gold bond. it's winter y'all. if your country needs abice breaker, you got some ducks. >> i thought they put their ducks in a row. >> at some point it goes off the rails. its one in the back who didn't have to do anything, things got difficult, i'm out of here. other ones are like we're going this way? let's go. >> they're confused. >> the traffic jam at the top i don't know if they figured that out yet. luna has issues a lot of dogs with a lot of fur have, they get the snowballs around their feet. >> i've never seen that. >> it's very, very common when dogs get out there on the wet snow it accumulates on the wet
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fur and hangs down. poor luna just trying to walk in the snow and my sweet god dog chester, who lives in prague. chter got some new boots. see how he likes them? >> like every other dog that gets new boots. >> argh! >> watch the hind paw. look at that. >> it's l pirouette? >> you love how the dogs get so confused when this happens. >>n gender reveals we get to see the final moment when the couple learns the sex of their baby. seldom do we get to follow the emotional journey that it is also for the person setting up that reveal and in this case, this woman has been tasked with that responsibility. she's got the envelope and she's about to open it. >> okay. oh my god, it's a girl! >> it's like she's learning the sex of her own baby. >> the neighbors know now and everybody down -- i guess it's a
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girl, guys. >> once she's figured it out, she puts the pink balloons inside that box. there the parents and their kid, number one, right there with them. they cut through the box. when they open the lid -- >> one, two, three! [ screaming ] >> you'll be happy to know she was pretty thrilled. she lost her mind for a split second there with joy. over to this next gender reveal, in which we saw javier and his lady through the appointment where they're going to learn the gender. they get handed the envelope and now that they have it, they decided that on december 31st, because of all the fireworks that are going to be in the sky anyway, they were going to take advantage of it. so they give the envelope to a family member who is going to pick the fireworks in the correct color and finally on december 31st, there it is. the fireworks explode, you see the color pink, colored the sky. they're thrilled that they're
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going to have a girl, and they've already picked a name for her. it's going to be mia. >> the great part about this, as you celebrate, everybody around you is celebrating, too. thank you, everybody. yes, wonderful news. you guys like jalapeno poppers? >> yes. >> josh is about to blow your mind. he's making something epic. >> why is my mouth watering already? >> i don't know. it's about to get worse. he gets bacon and by some bacon, i mean pretty much all the bacon. >> that's why your mouth is watering. >> the jalapeno peppers are hot enough. he takes out the middle. you don't want to overpower people. you want the flavor. >> when you overspice people up, that means there's more for you. >> also true if you're selfish. in this case you get the peppers and the bacon, mix it with cream cheese and mix it with some cheddar cheese.
2:25 am
he's got this dough which he laid out, it's french bread dough. >> oh. >> and then starts filling eachsquishing it together like a giant sandwich, then he puts it in that sort of baking tin right there, and then you're left with this glorious pull-apaeno popper bread.doook >> you know what? i tnk to take that to a game, a big football game that they have. you would do to take that to that game when i'm attending. >> it would be super in a bowl. >> home run. they broke into a pizzeria late at night. >> looks like they're pouring liquid accelerant all over the place. and it's a very special personalized gift. >> she is making a gift for her brother-in-law's wedding. >> wait until you see the finished product. >> that is insane! >> crazy!
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police in australia are looking for culprits who broke into a pizzeria late at night up to no good. looks like they're pouring liquid aksel rant a accelerant . we're all a fan of wood fired pizza but you don't need this much fire inside. >> why would they do something like this, destroy somebody uses to make a living. >> this also affected the restaurant next door. this caused just under $400,000 worth of dage. the motive remaiunclear and why they haven't been able to find who the guys. fingers crossed that catches up with them. head over to india for a scene out of an action movie or seems quiet in this alley and the gang wanders up with ill intent and they are angry as they start attacking. you see this house? all of them pile on to do wt they can and start smashing the cctv cameras.
2:30 am
>> they didn't get all the cameras. all they're doing is being ca >> all o tfs apparently because the guy that lives in this house owes the leader of this gang $$315. unfortunately his wife and child were there. >> the wife and the kid don't come out though, right, they're not attacked themselves? >> you don't see any of that happening in the video. they were able to damage the cc tv and they got with household articles, solid goal chain and about $1260 in cash. however, i think the result of this video really getting out there virally all five of them have been caught by the local police and are facing charges for robbery and attempted murder. talk about a super personalized wedding gift julia know juliano lepine is making a gift for her other-in-law's
2:31 am
goes nk so. in this woman is truly talented. she's making sculptures which are hand sized with the specific eye color and hair color of the bride and groom and then she starts to bold them, makes the eye colors exact, trying to make them look exactly like the pictures of the bride and groom. >> they finish and put the shading on, it's gotten to the point of scary photo realism. >> wow. >> then she gets to the clothing and the hair. >> just like the pictures. >> she even gets everything well done down to the folds in the pants and the pleats in the dress and look at the work she does from the dress. >> just the hair was being put on bit by bit. that is insane. >> crazy and started with a little skeleton. >> a flexible skeleton. she starts it all and starts adding and adding and adding and those are amazing. >> oh my goodness, are these supposed to be cake toppers? glue don't see them on top of a cake but they could go there.
2:32 am
>> wow. >> so gnarly. >> amazing work by this woman. what can you expect from the streets of beverly hills? they are remaking "little house on the prairie." see what else goes on in the
2:33 am
measure or get someone to measure for you to make it even.
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what the hell, dude? >> look, it might be your home state, but california is weird. >> no, it's awesome. >> totally weird and i'm going to prove it with this compilation video, driving around the least weird place, beverly hills. >> that's got other issues. >> yeah, dude. >> let's go through some of the issues because it gets bizarre. >> as if. >> for example in the beginning the dude is just standing on the top of his g wagon, no one sure as to why. people taking impromptu photo shoots. >> you know why he was standing on t car, his phone, looking for a good signal. >> okay, i like your explanation. try to plain this one, gayle. guy in red underwear beat rapping with a person on the side of the street. >> he's freestyling. >> that's in front of tiffany's. how long did they allow this to go on? >> clearly needs some clothes. >> i think this is a free state that allows for freedom of expression. >> don't tread on me.
2:35 am
>> ish. that's a stylish dog. >> i'm not sure that's a real dog but at the same time i'm going with it. >> you know what? >> you into this, gayle? >> they are remaking "little house on the prairie." >> oh you mean that's a celebrity dog. >> no, this is a leb rit cat. >> you get a photo of it? >> yes. >> that is patches the super kitty hanging out on the side of the car in beverly hills. anywhere in video you'll be spotting lambos and people freaking out about lambos. >> oh my god! >> after all the celebrity on display. >> oh, man. this guy is a savage. >> two skateboarding kids. >> you know what? >> okay, here we go. >> hey, we don't have alligators coming out of a swamp, people performing circus acts in the
2:36 am
subway. i say it's no more illegitimate than what other people do in other states. >> she should be the attorney general for california because you're doing pretty well. >> yes! >> thanks for watching "rtm." we'll see you next time. she comes out. she just starts yelling at me. i heard the shots, bill. okay--hey, hey, hey. no! he promised me two weeks ago that he would stop shooting at raccoons. what are we-- hey! i will take both of you in if you cannot settle. and i haven't-- i don't know the last time i actually cleaned out the back of my squad, so it's really not worth it. do you understand? yes. do you understand? (radio chatter) yes. yes? great. oh, partner. what's the 4-1-1? none of the neighbors heard anything. there were no gunshots. just... just screaming. loud, annoying screaming, which is why we got called. are we gonna be coming back here today? no.
2:37 am
no? no. great. thank you for your time. we've become those people. is this because i forgot our anniversary? ooh. d'oh! (woman) eight years, bill. that's really bad. that's bad. bronze! bronze! (bill speaking indistinctly) it still smells weird here. is it bill? bill. bill! did you ever shoot any skunks over here? i haven't shot at anything. if it's the smell you're talking about, it's always around. all right. thank you, thank you. hey, peck, come here. (radio chatter) does this house look weird to you? we're in suburbia. every house looks weird to me. no. (sniffs) (sniffs) that's super skunky. hmm? (radio chatter continues) this meter's been tampered with. are you thinking what i'm thinking? (lowered voice) yeah, what the hell do you get someone for a bronze anniversary? probable cause. (radio chatter) all right, give me a hand.
2:38 am
(grunts) ho-ho-ho! (gail laughs) we just busted a grow-op. yo, g... (laughs) we busted a grow-op. this is cause to celebrate. yes! we should go shopping. we should buy something. yes! we should buy shoes. and weapons. yes. that's it. weapons and shoes. that is how you celebrate something like this. (sirens wailing, radio chatter) bro, easy on the slammity-slammage. if you take a second to talk to me like a human, i could tell you you got the wrong guy. (grunts) (thuds) right. except officer shaw over there found you... king out the back door of this us which is swimming in illegal marijuana plants. so for thentd purposes of. you are... (slams object down) the right guy. anyone ever tell you you look like al pacino
2:39 am
from that movie with that other guy who you also kinda look like? whoops. s atter) (scoff rig.this wstop acting all okay? non-comprende. i was picking up dope. that's it, guy. i'm sorry. did you just call me "guy"? sammy, sammy. why don't i take this one? all right? shift's almost over. it'll get you that much closer to the weekend. yeah. (gail) "dumb blonde"? (chuckles) really? (chuckles) (door buzzes) seriously. pizza rolls for 3 bucks? sometimes you gotta stand up to the man and say, "coupon or not..." (oliver) yeah. "i'm getting that sale price." yeah, man. i'm right behind you. i know it. look, it's the booking fairy! all right. price, save me from my hell. booking fairy's bangin'. no, no, no, no, no. we do not harass the booking fairy. (door buzzes) understood? price, are you living down here now, or what? fourth shift this week. frank must be really impressed with my work. well, at least you're not getting special treatment, huh? this is chuck dolson. found him at the grow-op on euclid. he was, uh, picking up marijuana. here's a cell phone, blue lighter.
2:40 am
(radio chatter) this... is a picture of a dog. it's not mine, though. it's a dog i aspire to own one day. dogspiration, yo. (laughs) he speaks your language. enjoy. chuck... this is officer price. you will refer to her as such. do you understand? mm-hmm. bye, chuck. (radio chatter) officer collins, good to see you. you're looking very well these days. uh... (lowered voice) wh-what are you doing? i thought we agreed this is how we were gonna talk to each other in public. (lowered voice) oh... well, i guess that movie tonight's gonna be a lot of fun. (alert beeps, radio chatter) andy, it's just a movie. lots of people at this division hang out. yeah? naked? lots of people at this division hang out naked? uh, i hope not. rudy invited me over for a poker game this weekend, so-- nick! this is serious. okay, we can't keep doing this until gail knows about us. movies, dinners, whatever it is, it just... feels sneaky. okay. i'll tell her. no, no, no, no, no! get back here.
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you can't tell her. i have to. she's my friend. so... i will. first chance i get. i just haven't had the opportunity yet.
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